Past Students


Past students and Post doctoral Fellows

Nurit Amitai, MsC 2018, Effects of Antiscalants from Seawater Desalinatio Discharges on Coastal Bacterial and Phytoplanktonic Communities of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Liel Magnezi, Msc 2018, Trichodesmium bloom formation

Dan Miller, PhD 2018, Assessing the physiological and compositional response of coastal microbial populations to increased pCO2 and to eutrophication

Natasha Belkin, PhD 2016, Impacts of seawater desalination discharges on coastal bacterial and phytoplanktonic communities

Reut Sorek Abramovich, PhD. Post-doc fellow, 2015 Toxins in Trichodesmium

Adi Levi, PhD 2015, Applying innovative nano-technology approaches to reduce biofilm development on membrane and surfaces in the desalination industry

Eyal Rahav, PhD 2013, Controls on dinitrogen fixation in the eastern                              Mediterranean

Edo Bar Zeev, PhD 2012, TEP and biofilm formation; MSc 2007, Nitrogen fixation in aquatic symbiotic associations

Itamar Avishai, MSc 2012, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

Sara Ohaion, MSc 2012, Molecular diagnostics of controls on N2 fixation

Ben Brinberg, MSc 2013, Microbial ecology of subterranean estuaries of                       Mediterranean coastline

Tali Yogev, PhD 2009, Nitrogen fixation in the eastern Mediterranean

Orly Levitan, PhD 2010, Impacts of CO2 on aquatic dinitrogen fixation; MSc 2005, Influence of CO2 on aquatic nitrogen fixation

Eric Ben David, Post-doc fellow 2010, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

Tamar Bsor-Rachamim, PhD 2010, Nutrient recycling by zooplankton in Lake Kinneret

Max Rubin, MSc 2009, Fe uptake in Trichodesmium

Sammy Frenk, MSc 2008, Ammonium supply for optimal growth of juvenile and mature thalli of Porphyra rosengurtii (Rhodophyta)

Gad Rosenberg, MSc 2007, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

Dovi Kelman, Post-doc fellow 2007, Natural products from Trichodesmium

Chen Sherman, MSc 2006, Effect of varying pH on Trichodesmium