Past Students

Past Students


Past students and Post doctoral Fellows

–       Liel Magnezi, Msc 2018, Trichodesmium bloom formation

–       Dan Miller, PhD 2018, Assessing the physiological and compositional                                               response of coastal microbial populations to increased pCO2 and to                                eutrophication

–        Natasha Belkin, PhD 2016, Impacts of seawater desalination discharges on                   coastal bacterial and phytoplanktonic communities

–        Reut Sorek Abramovich, PhD. Post-doc fellow, 2015 Toxins in Trichodesmium- —

–        Adi Levi, PhD 2015, Applying innovative nano-technology approaches to                       reduce biofilm development on membrane and surfaces in the desalination                     industry

–        Eyal Rahav, PhD 2013, Controls on dinitrogen fixation in the eastern                                                                             Mediterranean

–        Edo Bar Zeev, PhD 2012, TEP and biofilm formation

                                    MSc 2007, Nitrogen fixation in aquatic symbiotic associations

–        Itamar Avishai, MSc 2012, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

–        Sara Ohaion, MSc 2012, Molecular diagnostics of controls on N2 fixation

–        Ben Brinberg, MSc 2013, Microbial ecology of subterranean estuaries of                         Mediterranean coastline

–        Tali Yogev, PhD 2009, Nitrogen fixation in the eastern Mediterranean

–        Orly Levitan, PhD 2010, Impacts of CO2 on aquatic dinitrogen fixation

                                 MSc 2005, Influence of CO2 on aquatic nitrogen fixation

 –       Eric Ben David, Post-doc fellow 2010, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

–        Tamar Bsor-Rachamim, PhD 2010, Nutrient recycling by zooplankton in                        Lake  Kinneret

–        Max Rubin, MSc 2009, Fe uptake in Trichodesmium

–        Sammy Frenk, MSc 2008, Ammonium supply for optimal growth of juvenile                    and mature thalli of Porphyra rosengurtii (Rhodophyta)

–        Gad Rosenberg, MSc 2007, Programmed cell death in Trichodesmium

–        Dovi Kelman, Post-doc fellow 2007, Natural products from Trichodesmium

–        Chen Sherman, MSc 2006, Effect of varying pH on Trichodesmium