Current Courses

Marine Photosynthesis
(offered at the IUI of Marine Sciences, Eilat)

Brief Description: About half of the photosynthetic production in the world takes place in the oceans. Despite this fact, very little of the mechanisms involved in marine photosynthesis and the environmental conditions that drive these processes, are presently taught at universities in Israel. The course aims towards furthering the understanding of marine photosynthesis through lectures, demonstrations and laboratory as well as field measurements of photosynthetic rates and group projects. A variety of marine organisms are dealt with, including macroalgae, seagrasses, phytoplankton and photosymbiont-containing invertebrates such corals and sponges, and a variety of measurement methods related to primary marine production are applied and compared.

Who is it for:  The course is limited to graduate and 3rd year undergraduate students interested in the marine ecosystem and the processes taking place there.



10 day course for graduate students taught at the Interuniversity institute for marine sciences in Eilat.